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Contributor - Wessel van der Merwe
What do I mean with this type of repentance?
Let me use it in an illustration and then we can start to apply it. Say there is a theft committed and because I want to protect the one committing it, I stand in the gap and say that I will repay or refund the cost to the owner. Why should I want to do this? The simple reason is that I care about the one who committed the crime and I think that by doing this I can maybe change his heart and attitude and trust God to change his heart and attitude. I am in the place of that one fully identifying and asking for pardon so that a change can be affected. This is basically the story of redemption,
To bring it into context with representational repentance:-
God is the one that is wronged.
God is the judge and punisher of the wrong...
If God will not punish it now, eventually He will, because some might say we are under GRACE. MAYBE THE CUP OF WRONG IS NOT FULL AS YET. GOD IS LONGSUFFERING... So God might just look the other way? Or He will remove His hand of protection so that the devil could have his way? I cannot answer this question because I think that God is a FATHER and that He will act in accordance with His will. But clearly there are forces of sin and iniquity and demonic at play and sin sometimes abound.
Now here is the thing we can ask from God - ask Him for forgiveness...and we can repent on behalf of the person of groups of people or a company or a nation. Now we are getting closer to representational repentance.
Say there are two tribes and the one has done the other one a great wrong and actually an evil thing happened. There is no recourse.
But if there is one of the tribe members repenting of their sin on behalf of their whole tribe and repent before God then it is representational and targeted specific to the evil and wrong committed. This could change things and God can intervene and stay His hand or the enemies hand or even the laws of sowing and reaping. This is God's prerogative. He is God of heaven and earth. He found an intercessor.
But this is just part of the story...
Say there was no one found within the tribe who did the wrong - the offending tribe? What do you think will happen? I think once a system of iniquity is established (iniquity - an ongoing wrong and there is no change - the offending tribe continues to do the wrong and then establish a pattern of wrong as a lifestyle - this is iniquity.) Serious repentance is required for iniquity.
What kind of representational and targeted repentance is required? None of the offending tribe members steps up to the task. We are busy - we serve the Lord - everybody is doing it - what is wrong with it - it is the way we are- our culture....many excuses ( we can modernize it and can apply it directly where we are at spiritually...)
THE POWER OF REPRESENATIONAL AND TARGETED REPENTANCE LIES IN THIS - WHEN SOMEBODY FROM THE OFFENED TRIBE - WHEN THE ONE THAT IS WRONGED TAKE UPON HIMSELF THE NATURE OF THE OFFENDING TRIBE AND REPENT ON THEIR BEHALF AND ASK FORGIVENES AND ACTUALLY REPENT ON THEIR BEHALF. We can do this because this is what Christ has done. (While we were sinners Christ died for us.) When this is done from the heart and it comes before God because we responded to the call of God to repent...God is all-powerful and can begin to change the offending tribe. Revival can come. Their eyes can be opened to the gospel and they can also repent. God can change things and He can do great thing in the spirit at first but then it will also manifest in the land.
This is what the call is - If my people who are called by My name...Obviously it must start with ourselves personally first but repentance is bigger. Soooo much bigger!
May God grant us grace because although many call for judgment, we put on CHRIST...FATHER FORGIVE THEM THEY DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING…
A word of warning if there is no sure change when this representational targeted REPENTANCE is enacted, judgments often follows…Many times also on the tribe who were offended. God have mercy! Who will respond to this call? WILL YOU????

2019 - The year of promotion. Prophetic Word 2019 - January 2019

Contributor - Wessel van der Merwe
2019 – The year of promotion. In my heart I witness with this that this year is the year of promotion. Please judge this word and take that which is good and serve the Lord. His word is true and yeah and Amen for those who believe.
The promotion that I speak of will be firstly evident in the ministries. Those who are in the full-time or fivefold ministries can expect promotion. The promotion comes to those who have been faithful to their calling – God wants to promote you. God has an agenda – a plan and a working to accomplish that. Why would God promote you? He wants to do more and release more in this earth in a time like this and He needs the vehicle of the ministries.
Some will be promoted and receive additions to their ministries maybe not necessary what they desired but rather in line with His will, while others who know God’s ways will receive exactly what they desire. For example, if you have been faithful as a pastor you will receive even more pastoral ability or an added evangelist anointing and especially many will also receive of the prophetic and some the apostolic. Some will be promoted in the ministry they have while some will receive additions to their ministries and teaching will abound once more. And then there are others that will be promoted well above their expectation because you have been faithful, and you have labored trusting me. Now your larger season has arrived. And there will be growth in the ministry in numbers and in the finances - only put not your heart on that but on the Lord and your joy will not be a measure but will be full.
There are some who will not be promoted and yes, they have ministry and they will be moved to jealousy. Here there are two jealousies:- some be inspired and will seek the same promotion and being jealous for the Lord, they labor suddenly more faithful than ever before and after even a season of testing will also be promoted and it will be good. God will see that it is good for you. Those that will be jealous with a wrong heart and speak evil of that what God is doing, they will reap the very words they speak evil in their own selves and their ministries, but even here God will be merciful and call of repentance will go out to them for the time is short and the workers are few and God needs you! So, adjust your heart and humble yourself and God will lift you up. God loves you and you must now progress says the Lord!
The promotion will also affect those in your ministry…and those who receive your promotion will be blessed by the very same thing and therefore will also prosper in their personal lives and the joy of the Lord will be upon them. There will be of those who will receive promotions in business and opportunities will not pass them by. Aha, some who served much and faithful even with a good heart in the Kingdom of God and in the Church will receive ministry inside them and He will teach you only be not afraid of that which will be upon you suddenly and do not withdraw but walk in relationship with the ministry where God has placed you. Is this not God’s desire for you? And you will grow, and your life will be meaningful, and I will be your God!
Promotion, promotion, promotion do hear this? It is like a rain that is coming…It will certainly come.

2017 Prophetic Word 2 - November 2017

Contributor - Wessel van der Merwe
In seeing the angel of the Lord and the sword of the Lord drawn against this nation and this country South Africa you may ask why is this like this oh Lord? Then you might think it is the shedding of innocent blood and it is so, and you might also think because of corruption and this is also true, and you might think it is because of wickedness in high places and that the love of money that cause each one to just live for himself and this is also true but you have forgotten that I have called to you to repentance and I have called my church not to judge or condemn but to intercede.
Are any one of you saddened by these things and are you grieved by your own sins? If all of you call upon my name and repent of their sins and ingrained wicked ways (iniquity) and ask me for my help, will I help and change this country, but you have not done this instead you are just like the world and revel in each new scandal and wickedness; therefore now I will wait for this season to pass but in it I will cause the weather patterns to discomfort you to see if there are any that call upon my name.
What will make you great again? Righteousness – the righteousness that come by me and by living it out. See great men hear me when I speak and they know the way of the Lord and execute judgement of their God. Hear and understand this. Now you have become weak and are there any that really seek me or desire change? Or do you desire change so that you can continue in your sinful ways? Desire righteousness and I will hear you.
So there remains a short season because the sword is drawn and already points towards you...But for those who seek me and repent and receive my correction I will help you and I will give you life and a way out as you remain in me.

2017 Prophetic Word 1 - January 2017

Contributor - Wessel van der Merwe

Psalm 86 verse 17 "Show me a token for good; that they which hate me may see it, and be ashamed: because thou, Lord has helped me and comforted me"
I believe that in 2017 that God is going to help the true believers to rise and shine, the downtrodden will receive grace, those destined to become extremely rich for the kingdom's sake will, and God will bless them. He will show them a token for Good. More goodness is coming to those who truly serve God in the face of their enemies... Oh God do it!!!
A token is also spiritual as the Holy Spirit is the first instalment of God's grace... So God will pour out His Spirit. There is a renewed interest in the gospel, when all things fail, where will you turn? Seek the Lord...Grace and favour will be poured out on those who are willing...Let thy will be done oh Lord!
The nations in a choice for Israel, for God; against Israel; against God...A Rubicon to be crossed over...The nations of the world go against Israel because they are against God...such bigger issues at stake at other places but tiny Israel to be persecuted...Watch out that you oh nations will not experience the worst times you have ever had, and that God will bless Israel and give to her a token of His goodness. Who can stop Almighty God in His plans? Do you think if you take council against God's anointed and that you will be spared? You will certainly not be spared saved for the remnant that call upon the Name of the Lord. If you can repent...but do you want to?
The first three to four months - the pouring out of favour regardless of world events - is God not in charge? Destruction might come but blessings will certainly come only that you will seek Him with all your heart. The true and Holy one is alive and He is looking for somebody to call upon His name...His eye is searching the world...and also ye nations and those who will seek Him and those who will stand with His anointed...Unknown favour...Thy Word oh Lord is truth!
So come now and let us reason together, get rid of the sin that so easily beset you; and if I will bless you , will you not now pay your vows that you have made unto the Lord? Pay your vows, do the thing that you have said you will do. And if there is nothing bargain with the Lord for His hand is extended and He is waiting for He wants to do these things and wants to see good deeds and good dreams come to fruition...if you will do a good thing do you think God will resist you? And if you seek His blessing and favour in it will He not give it? And if other things too is required is He not able? He certainly is and He is fully reliable and truly faithful. And He loves His people.There is an invitation - Come!

This word given for you to prayerfully consider and weigh...

God bless!

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